We help companies generate value
through business technology

We believe

Technology services should be managed as a business with a high level of discipline and thorough financial controls.

We specialize

in fractional CIO services for the mid-market, along with the ability to manage the entire set of business technology services through our trusted affiliates.

We transform

your “IT department” into a professional organization, fully aligned with your overall strategy.

We know

how to solve the most complex business technology problems and the relentless passion to create lasting value for your company.

Focus on your business
let us worry about technology

We BECOME your technology organization, executing a proven playbook and creating a professional services team. We make it affordable by using fractional CIO leadership and leveraging a set of like-minded affiliates who share our vision.
We COMPLEMENT your existing technology organization, providing specific expertise or strategic insight as required. We bring practical experience, focus and financial rigor to every engagement.

We offer advisory services, which are typically project-based, as well as operational services, which includes the day-to-day management of Information Technology. For some clients, we provide the entire range, effectively providing “Technology as a Service,” including fractional CIO guidance.


Our professional services approach breaks down technology services into clearly defined management layers, providing clarity to our clients. Each layer may have its own objectives and tactics, but Perpetua brings all the elements together into an overall strategy.

We Broker Resources as Necessary

Every service layer deserves a professional approach, so we have built a network of trusted affiliates to provide a complete solution. A vibrant Technology Ecosystem requires visibility to its service partners as well as commitment to shared data.

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