Business is a Team Sport

Perpetua Advisors helps clients generate increased business value through strategic adoption of business technology. By aligning, brokering, and managing information capabilities and systems, Perpetua’s customers realize business optimization, structural improvements, and better cost-value decision making.


Perpetua Advisors is led by Dave Patzwald and Mike Wind, who share a passion for service excellence, data-based decision making and transparency in all interactions. Both are former CIOs, as well as major sport college walk-ons. Their athletic experience carries over into their team approach to business.  Leadership is a role that adapts to the play called from the playbook.

A Brief History

Perpetua Advisors began as a typical Information Technology advisory firm leveraging its relationships with large companies. Over time, however, the firm evolved to focus on the unique needs of the middle market.

We now provide “Technology as a Service” through an innovative combination of our own fractional resources and trusted affiliates.

Core Beliefs

We believe in total transparency and open dialogue, especially in difficult situations. 

We believe that we can unlock business value through strategic adoption of business technology.

We believe the fundamental role of the CIO is to broker the optimal mix of services across internal and external resources.

We believe that delivering business technology requires an exceptionally high level of process discipline.

We believe that trust is earned over time and would rather see our clients promoted than for us to receive credit.



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