Looking for a new challenge?

We are growing rapidly and seek talented individuals who want to join our team. With our wide range of services, we are able to offer opportunities for all experience levels. However, all team members, regardless of title, are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to do what’s necessary. They share a service mindset and the desire to continue learning.

Perpetua seeks resources in two broad categories:


Advisors are typically current or former CIOs.

They have held overall responsibility for IT delivery including strategy and organizational design. They understand how to broker IT services and guide business executives through multi-year roadmaps. More importantly, they have the interest and skill to manage the operational delivery as well. Within Perpetua, Advisors will support multiple clients as a fractional CIO and function as if a full-time employee of the client. They will also manage relationships and opportunities with affiliates.


Associates are typically IT professionals who have held leadership positions, and may have reported to the CIO, but not held the chair.

They understand how to manage large projects, deal with vendors and develop business cases. They may have specific skills in a business application or technical area. Within Perpetua, Associates will manage multiple client projects, with an emphasis on working with affiliates. We provide a career path to assume a CIO role or Perpetua Advisor if desired by the individual.

To learn more about our target resource profile, see our blog post here.

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