• Josep Coderch
    Josep CoderchPartner

    Location:  Barcelona, Spain


With the ever expanding offering of IT Services and Products, the CIO challenge is no longer on the supply side, but to help the enterprise and its employees accelerate the adoption and monetization of IT investments. Successful initiatives are highly dependent on the ‘soft’ factors (people, culture and values) rather than the intrinsic value of the ‘hard’ assets. Mastering organizational behavior and change management skills are critical for successful CIOs.


Josep has a Computer Sciences degree from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and a post graduate degree from IESE Business School. Josep spent most of his professional career in the Consumers Goods Sector (7 years at Levi Strauss & Co. and 22 years at PepsiCo) and the last 5 years at the IESE Business School. During all these years, Josep enjoyed living and working in a variety of geographical environments (USA, Latin America, UK, Belgium, France and Spain) at Vice President and CIO level.

Josep likes to provide differential value added by working actively with the client in positive and innovative initiatives tailored to the idiosyncrasy and needs of the environment.

Josep is a family man who spends free time traveling with his wife Montse, biking  on the hills surrounding Barcelona as well gardening at home.

memorable battles

1992 Frito-Lay US/Spain
Perhaps the most revealing experience in 34 years of battles is the implementation of Frito-Lay US commercial and logistics systems in Spain, which reconfigured the whole business. The project led to a brand new culture of innovation, as well as dramatic improvements in productivity.
1994 - Pepsico Mexico
A couple of years after the implementation in Spain, I had my own Waterloo in Mexico while trying to implement the same Frito-Lay US systems into a newly acquired business, which was full of legacy and transitory issues. Unfortunately, this business was not ready for such change, which gave all of us ‘long lasting’ memories.