• Sapan Choksi
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    Location:  Mumbai, India


Managing an IT budget is by far the toughest job of a CIO. There is always more IT project demand than there are funds and resources to go around. The CIO who can keep both his CFO as well as the business happy has figured out the holy grail of IT.


Sapan holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems/ Finance from New York University and an MBA in Finance/ Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He loves Football, Basketball and Cricket but still has not made it to a single NFL game. He enjoys teaching kids Math and English at a slum that his company Systems Plus has adopted and is an active participant in building NYU’s Stern School of Business’ alumni network in India.

memorable battles

2005-2008 PepsiCo Europe
I was asked to help refine and streamline the entire IT Budgeting, Reporting and Consolidation process across PepsiCo Europe’s 25+ IT reporting entities. Moving the entire region to a standardized templates and eventually to the Hyperion system in a period of 8 months was a huge achievement, something very few expected.
2009-2012 Best Alternative Outsourcing LLP
We built a small specialized operations back office/ KPO in the fund-of-hedge funds space for a Geneva company, despite having limited knowledge in that area. After Madoff, and the entire industry tanked, very few firms were willing to help them. However, we were there for our client in the crisis and helped them maintain their day-to-day operations. Not only did this help build our knowledge of the industry, we further strengthened our customer relationship, eventually enabling us to spin off our operation as a separate company.


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