Partners united by a common approach

  • Mike Wind
    Mike WindPartner

    Focus Area(s):   RESCUE

    Location: Fort Worth, Texas

  • Dave Patzwald
    Dave PatzwaldManaging Partner

    Focus Area(s):  RESCUE, REBUILD

    Location:  Dallas, Texas

we have the battle scars and experience

We have replaced under-performing CIOs
We have been replaced ourselves
We had a front row seat to the evolutions of the CIO role

we have managed through the toughest challenges

  • Watched projects collapse before our eyes

  • Been chastised by CFOs over confusing budgets

  • Witnessed customer service nightmares

  • Managed massive infrastructure breakdowns

  • Been blamed by our colleagues for business issues

  • Outsourced, in-sourced and every option in between

  • Integrated and disintegrated countless business units

We have experience in a wide range of industries