we understand your situation

Everything seems okay, how do I make sure?
Everything seems okay, how do I make sure?
Identify risks, develop strategies
Something is wrong, but I'm not sure what
Something is wrong, but I'm not sure what
Validate threats, prioritize responses, address underlying issues
We have a serious problem and need help
We have a serious problem and need help
Perform triage, save the organization, person or project
Don't ask
Don't ask
Create a new platform, restore order

we focus on core CIO services

Mergers & Acquisitons

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The process of integrating/ disintegrating business entities within an IT organization.

Typical Services:

  • Develop integration strategy
  • Assist with due diligence and M&A planning
  • Manage M&A transformation activities, including integration and deployment
Advisory Services & CIO Coaching

Advisory Services & CIO Coaching

Personalized support services to help the CIO succeed in a difficult role.

Typical Services:

  • Strategize with the CEO, CFO, and Owners of small-to-medium size businesses
  • Consult and act as the confidant for the CFO and CIO in larger organizations


The overall approach to ensuring transparency and alignment with all IT stakeholders, including metrics, communication, planning and problem resolution.

Typical Services:

  • Establish Governance strategy and appropriate framework
  • Remediate and/or optimize existing processes
  • Facilitate business/IT engagement
IT Business Management

IT Business Management

The basic processes and capabilities required to manage the Resources, Finances, Vendors, Contracts and Performance of an IT organization.

Typical Services:

  • Review existing processes, identify opportunities
  • Establish appropriate processes and capabilities
Outsourcing Advisory

Outsourcing Advisory

The processes to ensure mutual optimal performance with outsourcing partners.

Typical Services:

  • Guide entire selection process
  • Oversee transitions to new partners
  • Optimize existing relationships

we address your specific challenge

Services Prevent Extinguish Rescue Rebuild

Prevent Extinguish Rescue Rebuild
Mergers & Acquisitions We will aggressively expand into new markets.
– Due Diligence Templates
– Integration Checklists
We forgot to tell you we acquired a new business.
– Communications Strategy
– Status Assessments
Where are all those savings you promised?
– Arbitration
– Project Management
Our business strategy changed again halfway through integration.
– Clean Sheet Assessments
– Integration Strategy
Advisory Services & CIO Coaching What should I do (and not do) in my first 100 days?
– Organization Assessments
– CIO Branding
CEO: Tell me again what IT does?
– Situation Assessments
– Organization Reviews
The board is concerned and would like a full project review.
– Interim CIO Services
– Financial Options Analysis
Why have our last 4 CIOs failed?
– CIO Profile Creation
– Organization Design
IT Governance I need better transparency into IT performance.
– Focus: Culture, Values
– Structure Setup
– Stakeholder Recommendations
– Data & Metric Alignment
– Communication Strategy
Are we really discussing this again…what do we need to make a decision?
– Focus: Culture, Risks
– Structure Changes
– Stakeholder Evaluation
– Data & Metric Evaluation
– Communication Oversight
I am too busy delivering projects to worry about reconciling invoices.
– Focus: Culture, Issues, Gaps
– Governance Oversight
– Stakeholder Alignment
– Data & Metric Changes
– Communication Ownership
Central IT is too slow, so I will just manage my own IT and website.
– Focus: Strategy, Needs
– Structure Setup
– Stakeholder
– Data & Metric Establishment
– Communication Plan
IT Business Management My vendors are killing me at the bargaining table…how do I turn the tables on them?
– Process Setup & Management
– SaaS Tools
– Key Performance Indicators
– Governance Recommendations
I don’t have the resources to complete my customer’s projects.
– Audits
– Health Checks
– Contract & Vendor Negotiations
– Governance Participation
CFO: I would like to see a full ROI on all projects.
– Remediation
– Data Validation
– Cure Plans
– Governance Oversight
We need you to cut total IT spend by 25%
– Process Ownership (BPO and SaaS Tools)
– Roadmaps
– Governance Participation
Outsourcing Advisory Where else can I outsource to add more value?
– Relationship Management Scorecard
Am I getting the best rates for my services?
– Vendor Management Office Setup
All the performance metrics are green, but the business is unhappy.
– Sourcing Value Assessment
– Sourcing Readiness
I want to switch to a new vendor without cratering the business.
– Requirements Build (RFI)
– Proposal Development (RFP)
– Vendor Evaluation & Selection
– Due Diligence & Negotiation
– Vendor Transition

we help answer the most difficult questions

  • What role does Information Technology play in my organization?
  • Do I need an IT strategy?
  • Do I need a CIO?
  • What is the right IT organizational structure?
  • How can I help my CIO be successful?
  • What should I be spending on IT?
  • What projects provide the best return?
  • How do I manage my CIO?
  • How should I measure IT performance?
  • Do I have the right strategy for my industry?
  • How do we improve our relationship with the business?
  • How do we integrate all our acquisitions?
  • What is a meaningful IT scorecard?
  • What can I do to improve the perceptions of my IT team?
  • How do I define a high performing team?
  • Do I have the right outsourcing strategy?
  • How can I better market our IT value?