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Behaving with urgency should not be limited to emergency situations.

CIO Viewpoint

Now, more than ever, the CIO is fundamental to the success of a business at a strategic level.  This is especially true for organizations attempting to scale. To do so today, automation, digitization, standardization, security, and business enablement are the key tenets and skills needed.  Some organizations have attempted to resolve this with a slew of high-level positions for each area, leading to fragmentation and poor results. A solid leader in the CIO role with the right experience can orchestrate success based on a core vision.


Glenn graduated from The University of North Texas with a B.B.A in Finance, and after focusing on gaining years of real experience, went on to complete his Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University. He has continued to foster his education in Executive Leadership with Cornell University.

Glenn is a seasoned technology executive with a passion for building high-performing teams and the entrepreneurial spirit. He has held senior leadership positions in several organizations ranging from start-up businesses to mature multi-national corporations in the manufacturing, aerospace and defense, retail, financial, marketing, and high-technology industries. He also actively advises Start-Up organizations in the Cyber Security, Social Media, and Talent Management spaces. His experience includes leading and guiding organizations through stable and transformative periods. He flourishes in environments where change is ever-present and the key to success. Prior to Perpetua Advisors, Glenn was in senior leadership positions with ECi Software Solutions, Epsilon Data Management LLC, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Electronic Data Systems

Glenn lives for science fiction in all forms. He resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, with his wife, Laura, and has three children, Benjamin, Alexandra, and Charlotte. They have two cats and a dog, which he fondly refers to collectively as “The Zoo.” Until the age of 16, he lived in Southeast Asia; he has an extended family located across Europe and Southeast Asia and Australia.

Career Statistics

Major Business Transformations
Lifetime Contracts Under Management
$3.72 Bn
Successful Mergers & Acquisitions
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